Malos Aires

A FILM by Damián Comas.

Camila, an Argentine politician who left for Europe in search of a new life, sees her plans interrupted when she is locked up in the Madrid, 2020 lockdown. This confinement and the reading of a book make her decide to go in search of her ex-partner, Lothar, an Argentine writer who has been living in Spain for years and with whom she shares a difficult past. Their meeting brings back the complexity and instability of human emotions.




Spain, Argentina, Italy, Mexico, 2022 / 1:11:36

Language: Spanish

Film Director: Damián Comas
Production: Quasar Film
Producer: Michele Codarin and Giorgio Milocco 
Cast: Luz Cipriota and Emmanuel Marzia
Subject and Screenplay: Damián Comas
Director of Photography: Alex Sarta
Editor: Giorgio Milocco
Set Design: Juan Correa and Rocío Sánchez-Gil
Costumes: Rocío Sánchez-Gil
Sound: Juanjo Rodríguez
Music: Christian Paris and Violetta Club


Director statement:

As a visual artist, director and writer, I have always tried to create a cinema that delves into dialogues, into the contradictions of words and actions, and that reflects the complexity of human thought. For all these reasons, at a time when by law only seven people could meet (living confined in the center of Madrid), I led the team to create Malos Aires. The goal was to create a hyper-realistic work with only two characters, multiple sequence shots made with a single camera, focusing on the most subtle gestures and glances, the natural rhythm of life and, in most cases, the unspoken reactions of the characters. Malos Aires is a work that tries to reach a point where it is impossible for us, as spectators, to understand why we witness such an intimate reality.


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