The patience of things

A SHORT FILM by Michele Codarin.

Passion for photography leads an introverted boy to isolate himself from his peers and family. He builds a darkroom in the loft where he’s surrounded by stacks of abandoned family objects and memorabilia. This becomes his nest and hideaway.



Italia, 2019 / 15′

Film Director: Michele Codarin
With: Giulio Antoniali, Giustina Testa, Klaus Martini, Gloria Romanin
Subject and Screenplay: Michele Codarin, Massimo Vavassori, Nicola Lucchi
Director Of Photography: Gianni Antoniali
Focus Puller: Ambra Marchetto
DOP Assistants: Matteo Scala, Tommaso Balestra
Set Design: Anton Spazzapan
Costumes:Vittoria Prignano
Make up: John Pena
Sound: Antonio Petris
Editing: Andrea Guarascio
Editing Assistant: Lorenzo Bertarelli
Producer: Fabiana Balsamo
Executive Producer: Andrea Badin
Production: Quasar srl

La Pazienza delle Cose film


Director’s notes

There are objects that get forgotten, abandoned, and from which we are unable to part because we feel that sooner or later they could become useful again. Sometimes we simply don’t have the courage to throw them or give them away because we don’t want to part from the memories that they represent.
It is from this reflection that ‘Patience of Things’ was developed, interlacing the story of a family with the connection we build with the objects that are part of our lives.

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