About us

Story-tellers, dreamers, extreme technicians.

We only produce video content that has substance.

Film | Corporate

Two divisions for two visions.

Our structure consists of two separate departments: Quasar Film and Quasar Corporate.

Quasar Film focuses on film and TV content production, Quasar Corporate is dedicated to the production of corporate and advertising video content whilst.

Quasar Film takes part in production projects as well as film and TV collaborations, public and private competitions designed for story-telling, cultural initiatives and entertainment.

Quasar Corporate collaborates with both advertising agencies as well as companies whilst building a mutual understanding with both for the success of each project.


Concept and scenography
Planning and casting
Location and studio shoot
Editing and post-production


Camera Movement


Today the equipment hire market offers access to all sorts of technology and opportunities: there are no limitations except from those set by budgets. Nevertheless, we like stocking a top of the range equipment selection which allows us to maximise our production autonomy and minimise costs for our clients. For example we stock 3 Red Digital cameras with an 8k/300fps resolution, Panther Dolly3 and a large set of camera movement equipment and lighting.

On top of this we also have 1000 SQM studios divided in 4 sets plus 2 coves and a props storage room.

We offer casting services ad hoc and tailored to each project but we also have access to a large database of actors, models and extras.


Exploring the world

Our projects will often take us to faraway lands and places that capture our curiosity and imagination. We have come across cultures, landscapes and people that have permanently enriched our souls and minds.

Distance is not an issue for us, in fact it’s a source of inspiration. We organise productions all over the world whilst looking for the perfect location and for the perfect story to share your emotions as well as ours.

Do you want to find out with us what the next destination will be?

Do you have an idea for a new project?

Contact us and we will give you all the information to develop it with us!